I love this book title and the story. This is one of the best children's books I have ever read. Reading this was a pleasure. I loved reading about the flowers, garden and butterflies. This book really touched me.

Hi, this book is beautiful. It is so relaxing and uplifting. Please send a picture of the cover when you have it finished I would love to see it. Also feel free to let me know when you put it up on Amazon. I would really love to see the finished book.

This is a book that can be a bestseller, if you have beautiful illustrations, and good reviews. The good writing part, you already have.

Before reading your book tonight, I edited a 10,000 word children's book and it was terrible. I kept thinking of your books and comparing. There is no comparison. Your books are amazing! Have faith in yourself. You deserve it.

I love all the books but this one, and the first one are my favorites. The names and stories are dreamy. I like that. Plus the story allows the reader to comfortably get lost in the words.

I finally got the chance to read the book, it was a touching story, at first I thought Sophia and Matteo were being judgemental and it was all explained in the end that the moral was indeed about the magic of realizing intrinsic beauty. Good story :-)

I read your book “Chasing Butterflies” to my group of preschoolers today (aged 3-4 yrs). The story instantly appealed due to the captivating illustrations and the fact that it was about butterflies!  We have recently been looking at the life cycle of a butterfly so my children loved the fact that they guessed what was going to happen next!  Children always love showing off their knowledge!

I had to keep stopping reading as the story was generating so much discussion!  This is a good thing!  First we stopped to talk about fairies...the sister of one of the children had had a recent visit from the Tooth Fairy so we had to chat about that!  This led on to some children saying that they had actually SEEN fairies! And that fairies “do good magic!”

The dirty leaf then generated more discussion, with some children saying that it made them think about the Ugly Duckling when all the other animals said he was ugly.  One girl (4yrs old) said “That’s not nice”.

Most of them got quite excited when the children caught the cocoon in the jar.  They all said “It’s a cocoon....I know what will happen!  It’s going to be a butterfly!”  They then loved the waiting to see if they were right!  One boy said it was like The Very Hungry Caterpillar when he turned into a butterfly.

The lotus flower was a surprise as the children were so engrossed in chatting about the butterfly that they had forgotten about the brown leaf!  Only a couple of children remembered and realised what had happened.  It did give us a good chance to go back and have another look at the brown leaf and then look at what it had turned into.

The story gave us a good chance to talk about thinking about the feelings of others and remembering that some things turn out to be better than we first think. I used it during a Circle Time session where we normally chat about feelings and moral values, so it all fitted in really well.  I think I will use it again during the year with my older pre-schoolers.

From my point of view as a teacher, I thought it was well written, with language that the children understood.  It was just the right length so as to avoid any fidgeting!  It also had lots of opportunities for discussion and it could lead to extension activities within the classroom, for example drawing butterflies or painting butterfly prints.  I would also be good for exploring the life cycle of a butterfly.  The moral message running through it was at the right level for my 3 and 4 year olds to understand and it led to a lot of discussion.

We also especially loved the ending with the funny drawing of the author in his sandals!  Obviously the children instantly looked at his feet!  Very funny!  One child said” My Dad has sandals like that!”

A lovely well written story which appealed to my children instantly.  We look forward to reading some more.